Friday, July 01, 2005

It went well today and all week-Steph
This week I learned how to use/make a blog, how to use/make a photoStory and how to make a I-Movie. I thing the things I learned this week will help me next year because I will need to use it for school progects and I think that I know the stuff well enough to teach other kids. This week was fun and i learned alot of stuff that I will need for next year. Thank you for the week!
Dana Bourne
I've had a lot of fun this week. I have learned quite a bit within a week. I also made a lot of new friends. They helped me a lot with the computers.
-Stephanie LeRiche
I have learned a lot of things this week about computers. I learned how to blog, although i dont really like it too much, i guess it could be usefull. I also learned how to make a video, widh i thought was pretty fun. The other thing that we learned how to do was make a photo story, with pictures, wich i know will be usefull in the futrue. I thought this week was a lot of fun, and i would encourage other people to take this next year.
I learned a lot this week. Blogging is kind of boring but i guess its useful. I htink the middle level will get bored with it because its the same thing. I htink they will like photostory because its fun and you can put your voice on it. Also, this week was fun andi learned a lot. Thank you for your time and services.
This week i have learned a lot, and i think that the kids will like the blogging and the movie maker, and the power point think they are is all
What You've Learned in During Summer Academy -- Will It Work Next Fall?

Today's Blog Question has to do with the title of today's BLOG. Do you think that middle school students next fall will like blogging, Photostory3 (instead of Powerpoint) and MovieMaker2? Do you think kids will like writing in a Blog for Language Arts for instance, instead of writing a paper?

Do you think student at PAML are "tired" of Powerpoint and will like Photostory3 even better?

Any other thoughts?

Mr. Fishell and Mr. Bain

Thursday, June 30, 2005

I have learned alot today, like photostory (all the things with this program), and blogging, and tons of other really cool things!! I have learned alot during this class, and I am grateful that I could be here to learn all of these things!!! ~*Ashley*~
today i learned to film a video, Dana and Stephanie and I taped one in the dungeon today. It was a lot of fun. i also learned how to save music again b/c i forgot the first time.
Dana Bourne- Today I Learned how to flim on the camara and how to use movie maker software. It was cool!
today i played kickball
watch the finished i movie project
Thursday update from Gina -

This morning I completed my photostory. It has an intro slide and many other pictures. I also included background sound and I was able to narrate my slide show. I should be able to use this program for projects in 8th grade.

After I finished my photostory i started making my vidio and thats about it
my movie is so cool we filmed at the band shell and got some good fotage. also some good wipe outs.
Dylan Z- Today I worked on and finished a movie from a program offline where you can make stick men fight each other. It was awsome!
I thought this was weird again. I'm happy we are having groups because it was confusing before.
i think that herrasment happens in our shool all the time. i think its wrong. "no" is the answer to all the other questions.
i don'dt go under porn or, i don't get effected by the video, i think that bully-ing is bad, but yea, the answer to all the other question's that were on the Topic Page.
I still think the same about chat rooms, as I did earlyer this morning when we were watching "Keisha's Crime." I think that coping and pasting faces to different bodies is totally wrong, and should be a federal crime. If your not happy with your body, then you shouldn't make up another body so that some werido will like you online. I don't know of anyone who has ever pretened to be someone else, but when my friends sometimes go into chatrooms, I know that they change their names, ages, and locations, which is what I would if I ever went into chatrooms. I have had a few friends lie about me to other people, but they only did it becasue they wanted to fit in with the popular teens instead of having a friendship with me, so now we barley even talk to eachother. I have not recieved an e-mail from someone, but there was one person earleir in the year who sort of harassed me through instant messaging. It was a really stupid event, but this person thought that it was cool to ask me why I was online, or what I was doing, and tell me to get offline everytime I would get online. I finally just told this person throught instant messaging to jsut get a life and grow up, and then I blocked them. Simple as that. I think that instant messaging, and e-mail could be filtered a little bit more, but I totally think that chatrooms need to filitered alot more... totally ALOT more..... that is where alot of the stupid, dangerous things happen..... After watching this video I learned that there are people out there who would rather hurt their friends and be with a guy for a week and then have him dump him, instead of having a life-long friend who will be there for you during all of your hart times, instead of not being able to depend on the boyfriend that dumped you the day after you started going out. I would never do that to a friend, because I know that wasting your time on boys is stupid, when you could be spending time with your best friends... Thats what I think about this whole entire thing!!!! ~*Ashley Brown*~
kasey- I have heard of stuff like this that has happened at PA. I have noticed people that have done it before. No this would not aply to me because I don't think it would be a good idea and I wouldn't do that.
chris mcdonnell- i think that herasment happens in our school. i think its bad. none of the other questions aply to me.
What I learned be watching this movie was that it was really dumb and I know what to do online and I never go into chatrooms.

Ryan Cross
Thursday's Blog Topic: Harrasment, Chat rooms, Im and altering photos.

What i learned in the video was some people are really dumb, and then make videos and make other people suffer by watching them.
All of my friends dont do that stuff. We are smart. We buy hugs, not drugs.
I dont know anyone who that has ever happened to. Also, i dont know anyone who does that.
Anyways, this is not interesting and we should never watch anything like that again.
What I learned by watching this video was that that was the dumbest thing I ever saw and I think most people are careful online because I know most of my friends are careful.
Thursday's Blog Topic: Harrassment, Chat Rooms, IM and Altering Photos

After watching "Keisha's Crime" this morning what do you think about Chat Rooms, "Lurking," having the ability to alter photos with a scanner and Photoshop? Has that ever happened to you?

Has anyone ever "pretended" to be someone else on-line? Have you or has anyone you know ever been "harrassed" on-line? Has anyone ever made up stories, gossiped, or lied about you or someone you know?

Have you ever received an e-mail from someone who used it to bully or harrass you or someone you know?

Are chat rooms, IM, e-mail a good thing or not? Should they be filtered better?

Write a paragraph or two about the video and the questions asked.

Mr. Bain and Mr. Fishell

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

I am not to concerned about the movie at all. It was sort-of weird to me. I am not one of those people who go into chat rooms.
today i worked on my eminem photo story i think it will take me the rest of the day to do it i have to do mt voice later im looking forward to chinise food
today, I learned how to download music off of: , and how to save the music into my Music Folder!
Dana Bourne-

Today I finshed PhotoStory2 and I learned a lot. I learned how to use the microphone, putting a vioce on photoStory, putting music on the PhotoStory and I learned how to make an I-moive.
im not concerned about the movie this morning, 1. b/c i don't care, 2. b/c i don't go into chatrooms, and 3. b/c i'm not like that i would not do that.
Mikayla and Anna's and Jb's video...

"Passion of the Jewish Indian"

pesons A, B, C (not named yet)

A just saw a movie about how jewish indians kill everyone....

B, C gang up and become a style of hitler so everyone is against jewish indians...

A goes to see his movie

B, C hold a meeting

A talks to god

A convinces them its not his fault

A, B, C are all friends.....

dont know yet

the end
I finished both Photo Stories.
So far today I have almost finished my 2nd photostory and have played games for a little. Dylan Doty
Ryan Cross
What I learned today is that it is very easy to learn Photo story and I can't wait to start Our Movie.
I need all students to post what they have done today, Wednesday 6/29 at 12:50pm.

This should be about one paragraph long, give the title of your photostory, do you have music?
did you have a chance to add your voice to the photostory.


Mr. Fishell
my photo story was about sniper rifles mostly. i did snipers because it was somthing i realy like snipers. i learned how to put my voice on it.
Jon Blake

today i finishned my second p hoto story and soon i will start a i movie. The photo story i finished today was about a sony PSP. That is everything!
my ps is done done and is called sk8bords it cool and in the folder in student groops
I hope that someday someone can create something, so that other people we don't kno can't get our personal information when we are talking to them online..
That would'nt ever happen to me, becuase if someone said they wanted to meat me or something like that, i would tell them to go screw themselves, and then block them. i also dont go into public chatrooms because every1 in there is 555 if your hott, or if you have a picture and crap like that..and its dumb.
When "Amy's Story" was finsihed it didn't make me feel bad for Amy. I didn't feel bad for her because if she was stupid enough to give strangers her name, phone number, address and other personal info, she almost had it coming to her. I'm not really worried for my self because I don't IM. That is because my parents don't believe that I really need IM and they think that is not good, in the sense that they worry about my safety.
I think that the movie opened my eyes to what really can happen on the internet. Even though I know that bad things can happen but I still think that it is ookay for teens to use IM if they are being safe and , maybe, if thier parents are telling them were they can go, what they can do and who they can talk to, teens could talk in a chat room.
After viewing "Amy's Story" I figured that she probably needed someone to talk to beside her parents. I would never give out my phone number, address, ext. to a stranger, ever.
iwould never give a stranger my phone number or my address

chris mc.
i think that it was dum 4 her 2talk 2 strangers in chat rooms
i hope nothing like that will ever happen to me
i never im or go into chat rooms
This would never happen to me, becasue my father would literally kick my butt if he found out I was talking 2 weirdo's online. I hope that it doesnt' happen to anyone I kno, becasue that would be really sad... and not good... After watching "Amy's Choice," I now have another reason not to give out any information on myself, especially 2 strangers in a chat room.
After watching "Amy's Choice" about chat rooms, discusses who you might be chatting with and the dangers of chat rooms and although not discussed IM. Discuss why it is a "bad idea" to chat or IM with people you don't know. Mr. Bain and Mr. Fishell
i hope something likr that wont happen to me. I am safe on line but now i will be more carefull. That movie really made me think about the online chatrooms.
I don't think it would aplie to me because I would never put my name and number on the web for people li9ke that to come to my house and bring me somewhere.
Ryan Cross
I do iming at home but i know not to talk to anyone i dont know. I have a buddy list and that is were i put all the people i know and those are the only people i talk to.
When i go online, i go and only talk to my friends. I will not talk to someone i do not know. Also, i don't go in public chatrooms because people are weird in there. The say "press 5 if ur gay" and that freaks me out. In conclusion, i only talk to my friends. The End. Thank you for listening.
p.s. can we make i movies now


Tuesday, June 28, 2005

This is a very fun class and I have learned a lot about cumputers that I didn't know. I like the teachers and what we do in this class. I hope we do it again.
This computer class is ok. There is nothing very fun and there is to much taking. I play games of the time. The one named Jonathon is getting on my nerves. The teachers don't pay much attention to my pleas for help or if they do the don't now what to do
Wow! 2 down and 3 to go.

After a difficult start yesterday (computer network down) I think that we have made some progress. The blog is finally up and going. Your work with the PhotoStory software is good and will improve with more time and concentration.
I plan on having all 8th graders use photostory next year. I am interested in your suggestions about how best to use this new software.

Let's have a productive Wednesday!!!!

Mr. Fishell
6/28/05 Here at Cool Things with Computers we download music but only if we are done with the work were supposed to do. I am having a lot of fun.
At summer academy, i have learned how to blog, and create a slideshow using photostory. Blogging is like a bug bulitin board you can use to talk to people. My photostory is of pictures we took in teh dungeon.

I think that this is really cool! I have learned how to create a blog, post on a blog, use the program "PhotoStory3" and a lot of other stuff you can do on a computer. To use "PhotoStory3" we had to take pictures of each other, downlaod/copy the pictures to your folder then set up the moive the way you wanted it. I can't wait until I can use I-Moive and make a moive in class!
This has been ok. The reason......... school's out. I would rather be swimming and other things beside working on computers. I have learned a lot of things that I didn't know how to do. I think when school comes I will still need a little bit of help still but I'm getting there.
I think it's cool how you blog and make like a movie. I want to learn how to get it based down so I know how to blog just like that.
At the summer academy, i learned a lot of stuff, and have been having a lot of fun. I learned how to create a photo story, create a blog, and download music for limewire. In order to create our photostory, we had to take pictures. We were in groups of two, and a bunch of us went down to the dungeon and took pictures.

Hopefully i will learn a lot more stuff throughout the next part of the week.

i learnd how to blog and photo story
So far during this coarse i have learned how to make and add stuff to my and other peoples blogs. I have also learned how to us Story Maker.

Ryan Cross
i learned how to make a blog and make a phoyo story.
at the summer academy in PAML i've leared how to create videos using Photostory3, download music off of and how to BLOG., and create a BLOG. (a user name too)
I think that Summer Academy is cool. I've learned how to create videos using Photostory3, download music from Limewire and how to BLOG.